The project

What a beautiful drawing!

1..2..3.. it becomes real!

Our kids like expressing their creativity  through drawings and colours.

The mom and dad portrait , little donkey or cow paintings are a little treasure often spread all around or hidden in a drawer.

We loved  the idea of giving back the value and the attention they deserve. So we thought  to exploit the futuristic potential of our 3D printers in order to turn the children’s art and their fantasy into small sculpture.

You could get indelible mementos to show and admire proudly, with a little bit of tenderness.

3D sculpture from children’s drawings - House bird

Technical Specifications


Approximately 10 cm (4 inch).

Please note: the size refers to the longest measure of the sculpture.


Gypsum powder and adhesive resin, embedded with an ink jet head.

The products are finished with cyanoacrylate, a professional glue that ensure durability and vivid colors.



EUR 96 / USD 131 / GBP 78

Discount for order more than one piece. For further information please visit our shop clicking here. If you work in a school, we will find the better solution for every need. Ask more in the contact area clicking here.


We ship all over the world, and the freight charge depends on your delivery address:


EUR 8 / USD 11 / GBP 6,5


EUR 12 / USD 16 / GBP 9,7


EUR 14 / USD 19 / GBP 11,5

Rest of the world

EUR 26 / USD 35,6 / GBP 21

Warning Rules

  • The sculpture is hard but brittle so, handle with care.
  • This is not a toy but artwork, keepsake, decorative object.
  • Not suitable for children under three years.
  • The sculpture is not waterproof, not water-resistant, not dishwasher safe, not recyclable, and not food-safe.
  • Keep away from heat, water and electricity: the colors used could be fade when wet.
3D sculpture from children’s drawings - Cow